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Service Details.

Here are a few of our most popular services*

We typically stock tires, bearings, and select accessories. Please contact us for current product availability.

Service prices are labor only and do not include installed item purchase price except as noted

Check Up/Diagnosis/Tune Up: starting at $75

BMS/Controller Repair: starting at $150

XR Headlight Cable Replacement:  $100


Tire Change Service: $75

(tire not included)

Armor-Dilloz Red Tire Sealant 8oz: $25

Bearing Change Service: $100

TFL Grizzly Steel Bearings: $99

CBXR/JWXR/Stock Battery Installation: $100


Rail Swap w/ Digital Tilt : $100

(digital tilt only available on select  hardware)

Steel Press Insert Rail Thread Repair: Starting at $35

Complete Rail Thread Bulletproof: $100

(replace all 10 rail threads with stainless steel pressed inserts)

Power Botton Replacement, XR: $100

(stock blue or customized colors)

Grip Tape Change: $15 per pad

Bumper Replacement: $30

Waterproofing Install w/Kit:  $250

Contact us for additional services, repairs, and customization options

Rail Tap.jpg

*Some services may void portions of factory warranty and/or manufacturer serviceability if applicable. Manufacturer requires removal of third party accessories and aftermarket materials prior to factory service.

Future Motion has recently stated that tire changes WILL NOT void you factory warranty if installed properly so no longer a concern to wait for warranty period to end to upgrade the performance of your board!

Onewheel is a trademark of Future Motion, INC and Santa Cruz Wheelslip Services is not affiliated with nor official service center of Future Motion, INC. We exist as a third party independent shop to keep your board stlyin and rollin with all the incredible aftermarket vendors and accessories that make this amazing sport and community what it is while enhancing the rider experience.

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